Contribution to Node.js Filer

In getting comfortable with using GitHub and its functionalities, a contributing to a small changes or issue would be ideal.

For preparation, I contributed to the Node.js filer as Release 0.1

My issue was this issue, where it would be better to use const/let with strict mode rather than the var. Using let is more of the norm and not so much as var in JavaScript. Using strict mode allows to see more of the “silent errors” which are errors that do not throw reports or messages.

Also used let on the global variable as a way to attract others to try and do a change request, as global variables should be const as they should not be tempered with.

I made my pull request to change the variables from var to let, and also the global for the purpose of getting comfortable with the GitHub usage.

I wasn’t really aware of strict mode as I am not well versed in java script, it was after this contribution that made me understand what it means to use strict mode and what the benefits were.

I also checked out another contributors changes, where they also changed from using var to let, and also to implement strict mode. No real objection as they have done correctly and effectively, making sure global variables are const and non global as let.

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