late final report

Hectic week, and mostly hectic trying to do the pull requests, I feel like some of my pull request was pretty terrible. It felt like it was bit of a “fluff” kind of pull request, I believe I need to be better at finding communities and issues that are my level and/or get better myself

The translation pull request was by far the most difficult task I’ve done, honestly thought it might be simple and straightforward, but I’ve had quite the issue regarding the translation from sentence structure to word usage from previous translations and other standalone translation that became popular.

The simple error fix and typo fix pull request were quite simple and straight forward, it was just a simple changing variable or words. In the end it seems like there are lot of simple issues that people do not wanna take the time to do themselves, or just feel that it is not worth the effort.

Most of the issue just seems, I made a simple mistake and I don’t wanna try and fix or want to bother to fix, might as well use GitHub to my advantage. Feels like some people are in a way abusing the community because they feel like they can exploit others good will.


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